Art and Culture

Monday, 30 may 2011

Arja Dance

Arja at many sections of it is more like an opera. The drama whose dialogue exerts macapat style is projected to be on stage since 1820. Arja used to stage the famous story of Panji, but today’s show begins to include the folklores, like Ramayana and Mahabarata. The interesting part of Arja show is that it is very communicative show with some humorous dialogues during its performance.

Barong and Rangda Dance

Barong (symbol of good faith) comes into war with rangda (a symbol of evil). The dance also performs a few people who are in trance and bring with them traditional weapon, keris. In the great battle where the Barong wins, the ending of the performance is marked by a priest giving out the holy water.

Gamelan Show

Gamelan or Gong is traditional musical instrument from Bali. It needs about 40 people to play a Gong in a complete formation (Gong Gede). Not only the men that could be the gamelan players, in Bali women can also take part of it.

Kecak Dance

Accapella’s music accompanies the dynamic movement of Kecak’s dancers. The dancers form the border for the central dance performance of the Ramayana’s epic drama. Kecak is staged on some places, such as Uluwatu and Tanah Lot before the sunset.

Legong Dance

Legong is one classic dance which is brought to stage by two girls employing similar dresses and movements. Legong that highlights divine dance movements and special costumes has been one famous icon of Bali’s art in the world.

Wayang Kulit

In Bali, the puppet show is performed as part of rituals and art show. The puppet show is still one interesting art show in Bali following the development of the art creativity and of the skills of the puppet’s masters in Bali to create an interesting story and embrace new technology to enrich the stage performance