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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Bali Spirit Festival 2016 

The festival offers a unique combination of Yoga, Dance and Music. Live performances by some of the renewed artists from round the world.

So if you have missed last time, this is your chance to experience all the excitement of this major event in Ubud, Bali. The Bali Spirit Festival is officially sponsored by Bali tourism board along with other leading tourism and media partners.

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Start Date:

March 29, 2016

End Date:

April 03, 2016


Bali Purnati Center For The Arts, Bali.

For Events detail:


Batuan, south of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.

10 minutes south of Ubud.

Gema Perdamaian 2016 ( Echo of Peace )

Gema Perdamaian ( Echo of Peace ) is the community annual event on peace movement that are driven by a pure conscience to bring the world togetherness, despites of race, religion, creed and other background to sincerely carry a prayer and peace loving vibrations that are believed to be beneficial to offset unharmonious energy and creating harmonious and peaceful world. The event is held every Saturday nearest to October the 12th, since 2003. This Gema Perdamaian ( Echo of Peace ) event is supported by Bali`s stakeholder: the government, NGOs, the Communication Forum for Religious, all religious groups and beliefs, professional organizations, universities and schools.

Gema Perdamaian ( Echo of Peace) shall be regarded as a day to commemorate the importance of peace that starts from a peaceful heart and peaceful interaction of the human being, regardless of race, tribe, nation, religion, custom, professional and other backgrounds.
Gema Perdamaian (Echo of Peace) shall be regarded as a world’s day of togetherness for being the sons and daughters of the universe that brings in the sense of brotherhood that fulfilled with love and care.
Peals the peace prayers and channeling vibration of peace which bestowing abundant of positive energy for all beings on earth and the universe.

Various format of Peace Dialogue to many places such as schools, universities, ashrams, believers and any possible togetherness dialogue.
Gathering and development program on Peace Issue for Organizing Committee and the Steering Committee who are all volunteers.
Gema Perdamaian (Echo of Pee) Summit that held in the closest Saturday prior to the date of October 12 which is October 11, 2016 Time : 16.00 – 19.00 hours

Contact Us :
Address : c/o Gedung GIPI Bali, Ruang PUTRI
Jln. Raya Puputan No. 41 Renon, Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia 80235
Phone : +62361-8626996,8849328
Email :


“Galungan“: celebrated as the commemoration of the victory of“Dharma ( virtue) upon “Adharma”(evil) derived from the mythology of “Mayadenawa” the Demon King when involved in a war against God Indra’s troops on this day.  A tall bamboo pole decorated with coconuts leaved and flowers, fruit, cake etc (Penjor, symbolizing prosperity) stuck on every house entrance and make a marvelous sight a long the village roads.   


Brass Hari Raya is celebrated every 210 days or 6 months in the Balinese calendar, exactly on Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Brass. (1 calendar month in Bali = 35 days)

On the holy day is told Ida Sang Hyang Widi down to earth to give blessings for the welfare of all people in the world. Often believed, the ceremony at the feast of brass should be done before noon, before the time of the Betara back to heaven.

Brass is a series of ceremonies Galungan, 10 days prior to Brass. On the day it was made of yellow rice, a symbol of prosperity and dihaturkan offerings-offerings as a sign of gratitude and eyelash suksmaning we as human beings (people) receive the gift of Hyang Widhi of clothing materials and food items were delegated by him to his people on the basis of love-his love. In the tebog or selanggi containing yellow rice is planted a puppet, puppet (angels) which grace bestows prosperity to us all.
    a.    Pameran Dalam Negeri
Gebyar Wisata Budaya Nusantara
JCC - Jakarta
14 s/d 17 Mei 2015

Bali Beyond Travel Fair




10 s/d 14 Juni 2015


Tourism Trade

Investmen Expo 2015

(TTI Expo 2015)




19 s/d 22

November 2015

b.   Pameran Luar Negeri
 ITB Berlin
 Berlin Jerman

4 s/d 8 Maret 2015



-       Majalah Scuba Diver (3 Edisi + extra)
a.    Bali at a Glance (dalam 6 bahasa)
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Date: June,11 until July,09 2016
Theme : "Pasuk Wetuning Bhuwana" (Maintaining Universal Balance and Synergy)
We invite the Government District and the Provinces in Indonesia participated in this Event more details
 Contact :
Bali Culture Government Telp.(0361)245294, 264474 Fax.(0361)245297, 264474 
Website :
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Bali Arts Festival 2016

·      Opening Hours: Mon–Sat, 10:00–22:00

·      Location: Denpasar Arts Centre (Taman Werdhi Budaya), Jalan Nusa Indah, Denpasar

·      Tel: +62 (0)361 227 176

Bali Kites Festival 2016

Annual Festival Of Traditional Kites In Bali

The Bali Kites Festival is a series of kiting events that take place annually between July and August, notably at the start of the windy season. The kite festivals are one of Bali’s major provincial calendar highlights presenting unique cultural scenes on par with the preceding the Bali Arts Festival. The festival is slated for various dates, with main events customarily taking place along the eastern coast of Padanggalak, just north of Sanur. Main preliminary events are usually held near the end of June and confirmed following favourable weather, therefore planning ahead to witness the event is usually a last-minute deal. Hundreds of competing kite troupes gather from all over the island to pilot their traditional kites, alongside international teams with modern kites in various shapes and sizes.

What started off as a seasonal agrarian festival thanking the heavens for abundant crops and harvests, has become a competitive ground for communal ‘banjar’ youth groups who send their ‘sekaa layangan’ kite teams to participate and win prize money from sponsors. A competition is also usually held for ‘new creation’ kites, which may include detailed three-dimensional figures and unusual designs, from Hindu gods, cars and motorbikes, to mascots and brand sponsors. A gamelan orchestra accompanies each troupe, adding to the joyous spirit of the Bali Kites Festival and the drama of take-off and landing sequences.

The Balinese traditional kites are gigantic and have evolved into increasingly bombastic proportions over the years, measuring up to four metres in width and 10 metres in length. Some other versions, such as the ‘janggan’ type have impressive flowing ribbon tails often reaching 100 metres or more in length. Jointly built at the communal ‘banjar’ village halls all over Bali, skilled youths, supervised by elders, craft bamboo frameworks for weeks up to the major event. Lightweight fabrics are selected according to an agreed-upon colour scheme and some are fitted with intricately carved heads. The final results await transport – usually by truck and requiring special escort along small Balinese roads – towards the Bali Kites Festival flying grounds on Padanggalak Beach.

The ‘bebean’ type is the most common design with a traditional outline of a fish, and is the common ‘giant kite’ of Bali that dominates the skies. The ‘janggan’ somewhat resembles birds with shorter and rounder wings and their long flowing ‘kedeber’ ribbon tails often outshine the kite’s body once airborne. In each competition, the task of assembling and flying the entailing ‘kedeber’ is major challenge for the piloting troupe that normally comprises a dozen or so boys and men. Categories to win include ‘best launch’, ‘best design’ and the ‘longest flight’. Occasionally, the kites descend over nearby rice paddies, and team members must dash through the coast onto the fields to retrieve the hard-earned and painstakingly built kite before it gets soaked.

Although the skies over Padanggalak are dominated by these flying giants during the Bali Kites Festival, you’ll witness kite-filled skies on any given day between June and August - every year. At this windy time of the year, the skies over Bali are just as elaborately decorated as any Balinese procession. Some kites are even fitted with sound instruments in the form vibrating bows called ‘guwang’, which generate a resonating hum that can be heard from far. Enjoy Bali’s windy season sights and sounds!

Don`t worry if you missed out on a main festival event. There are various competitions to witness throughout the second half of the year. Stay tuned for the complete line-up of 2016 Bali kite events, as announced by the Bali Kites Association or Pelangi (Persatuan Layang-Layang Bali). The following dates may shift following favourable weather conditions:

1. Bali Kite Festival: 3-5 July, Padanggalak Beach, Sanur

2. Gianyar Kite Competition: 31 July-2 August (tentatively 8-9 August), Padanggalak Beach, Sanur

3. Denpasar Kite Competition:  7-9 August, Padanggalak Beach, Sanur

4. Biaung Kite Competition: 14-15 August, Padanggalak Beach, Sanur

5. Tanjung Kite Competition: 21-23 August, Mertasari Beach, Sanur

6. Sanur Village Festival Kite Competition: 28-30 August, Mertasari Beach, Sanur

7. Penatih Kite Competition: 4-6 September, Penatih, Denpasar

8. Ungasan Kite Competition: 11-13 September, Ungasan, Bukit Peninsula

9. Tabanan Kite Competition: 18-20 September, Tabanan

10. Belega Kite Competition: 18-20 September, Belega, Gianyar

11. Bekul Kite Competition: 2-4 October, Padanggalak Beach, Sanur

12. Kukuh Kite Competition: 16-18 October, Marga, Tabanan

13. International Bali Kite Festival: 23-25 October, Padanggalak Beach, Sanur


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016

Date: 12 - 13 August 2016 
Location: Arma Museum Ubud, Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud

The second Ubud Village Jazz Festival is slated for August this year. The event once again will bring together a lineup of various Jazz artists from Indonesia and all over the globe. Among the notable artists confirmed to perform include Koko Harsoe, Joe Rosenberg, Balawan & Batuan Ethnic Fusion, and Dwiki Darmawan. The festival will take place at the Arma Museum in Ubud.


Indonesian Independence Day
Date: 17 August 2016

This year marks Indonesias 69th year of independence. The day is celebrated on August 17, when red-and-white flags adorn the street sides and flag raising ceremonies take place at government offices and a major ceremony takes place in Jakarta, attended by the state head and officials. Households and communities throughout the archipelago also post flags and decorations at front of houses.

Some communities also hold sack-run races and other revelries in the spirit of nationality. Check out your hotels food and beverage highlights for some Independence Day promos and menu specials that usually feature national culinary delights.

Sanur Village Festival 2016

Date: August 24-28, 2016
Location: Inna Grand Bali Beach and other areas, Sanur 
Tel: +62 (0)361 288 511

Sanur Village Festival

Annual Celebration Of Arts, Culture, Food And The Environment In Sanur, Bali

Sanur Village Festival returns in its decade celebration this August 26-30, bringing back an anticipated week filled with numerous arts, cultural, food, water sports and environmental-awareness events to the shores of Bali’s otherwise tranquil sunrise coast. With festivities mainly focused in the Maisonette area of the legendary Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, the committee of this year’s festival promises to continue on the typical highlights of the previous festivals, with new added activities at various venues around Sanur.

Carrying on “The New Spirit of Heritage” and “Dasa Warsa” (Ten Years) as this year’s theme, the Sanur Village Festival highlights a bazaar and food festival, fashion shows, expos, tours, culinary challenges, Yoga, sports activities  and environmental awareness programs, and it will also highlight an international kite festival, an exotic jukung festival and a Sanur Run.

This 11th Sanur Village Festival will feature a series of various sports events and competitions, kicking off with the Sanur Run, which will take course throughout Mertasari Beach south of the main Sanur coast, with runners from Bali, Indonesia and around the globe dashing to the beautiful Sanur sunrise. A surfing competition will also take place at Segara Ayu Beach, where surfers paddle out to catch their best waves.

This year’s sporting events also feature a fishing tournament around the idyllic coastal waters of Sanur Beach, and not to be missed is the exotic Jukung competition at Segara Ayu Beach, with colourful sails at sunrise.

Food lovers will have the opportunity to try out rare Balinese heritage cuisine at the bazaar, with more traditional food stands than international – although representative Sanur restaurants will also feature a great range of signature pizzas and burgers. The Inna Grand Bali Beach’s own restaurant and bar will be presenting their best offerings at reasonable prices during the food bazaar. Five-star international cuisine from the industry for up to only IDR 50,000 per serving, is available alongside traditional dishes that let you sample the rich flavours of the archipelago in one spot.

For the arts inclined, the Sanur Creative Expo presents an exhibition of arts and handicrafts that supports the local tourism industry, and also as a meeting point for local producers and international buyers to strike attractive deals and exchange ideas. An Agrowisata Indonesia Expo will also promote horticultural, farming and agricultural potentials to a wide audience. The Sanur Kite Festival is a mainstay event that will provide a spectacle of the skies over Sanur with its array of giant traditional kites and creative and contemporary designs at Mertasari Beach.

For more information, please contact:

Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur
Sanur Village Festival 2008
Jl. Danau Buyan III /2 Sanur
Denpasar 80228 Bali
T : 0361 - 286987, 8710083
F : 0361 – 281315

The 10th Annual Balinale 2016

Date: 24-30 September 2016
Location: Cinemaxx Lippo Mall Bali, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta

The annual Balinale will be held at the end of September this year with a series of workshops, film industry forums, free seminars and a list of screening showtimes at Bali`s newest cinema. A great opportunity for movie buffs enjoying their time in Bali. There will also be a show listings with `Filmmaker in attendance` special screenings, with the artists and filmmakers present to introduce their films and meet the audience. 

The 10th Annual Balinale

About The Festival

BALINALE International Film Festival was established in 2007 by Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation as a non-profit, non-government Indonesian registered charity organization. With a long history of supporting established and aspiring local filmmakers, the festival aims to provide a platform for Indonesians to show their films to an international audience and invite foreign filmmakers to screen their films while contributing to our free workshops and seminars in the hopes of discovering new talent.
The festival also invites foreign filmmakers to experience Indonesias accommodating culture and diverse locations for possible film projects and co-productions.
Workshops and free seminars are an important part of the festival, a number of which offer Indonesian students and young filmmakers an opportunity to learn from established Indonesian and international professionals. To date, we have enjoyed the support and participation of Oscar®, Emmy®, BAFTA® and Cannes award winning filmmakers helping us to achieve our goals of bringing together films and their makers as a gathering of global creativity.
The festival holds the honour of being endorsed by the Ministries of Industry, Tourism and Creative Economy, Education and Culture and the Bali Governors Office.
BALINALE’s Young Indonesian Film Circle Educational Programs provide creative workshops to thousands of secondary school students, which promotes inspired learning within the Indonesian film industry. Seminars, many offered free of charge, encompass scriptwriting, producing, editing, acting and filmmaking. Our Free Childrens Film Program is a significant part of the festivals commitment to the community.

Contact Us:
BALINALE International Film Festival
Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation
Jalan Merta Sari 10-B | Sanur 80228 Bali | INDONESIA
T: + 62 (0) 361 270 908
F: + 62 (0) 361 286 425 /

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016

Date: 26 - 30 October 2016 

Location: various venues, Ubud

The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival once again gathers speakers and writers from all over the world in its 12th year this month, comprising an agenda filled with special events, literary workshops, book launches, youth`s programs, and community and arts highlights. Main sessions take place at Indus restaurant and Neka Museum - all located in Sanggingan, Ubud. Various other hotels and venues also serve as hosts, the likes of Four Seasons, Maya Ubud, Casa Luna and Alila Ubud. Other fringe events also usually take place in other places, such as in Denpasar, Seminyak and Jimbaran, and beyond Bali such as Makassar, West Java, Sumatera, Papua and Jakarta.

Lovina Beach Festival 2016

Date: 27 September - 16 October 2016 


The Lovina Beach Festival takes place around the village of Kalibukbuk Beach in north Bali and is usually held in October. The festival highlights include a handicraft exhibition and an afternoon opening ceremony filled with a traditional Balinese marching band called Baleganjur and a towering fruit and flower offering or gebogan parade. Performing arts include the Gong Kebyar and Ki Barak Panji Sakti dance that hails from the North Bali region.

Kuta Karnival 2015
Kuta Carnival 2015, Bali
Start Date:  09 October 2015
End Date:  11 October 2015
Main Events: Carnival, Food Festival, Music Festival, Kite festival and many more events.
Location: Bali, Indonesia.

Welcome to this fascinating event known as Kuta Karnival in Bali, Indonesia. The Kuta Karnival event will be starting from October 2013 on the glorious Kuta beach in Bali. The previous edition of this event has witnessed large number of tourists from round the globe in Bali. This years Kuta Karnival promises more fun and excitement on the beaches of Kuta, Bali. There will be series of event like opening ceremony with Kite Festival, Balinese Arts, Cartoon exhibitions, Movie Screening, Bali Food Festival, Sand Sculpture Competition and lots more.

Kuta Karnival Bali Food Festival - As a part of Kuta Karnival 2013, Bali Food Festival will also be held in this mega event. All those who loves cuisines or recipes can take part in this mega food event in Kuta region. There will be lot of people joining this food festival to present there culinary skills. Apart from delicious food stalls, there will be movie screening, DJ session, children playground and lot of other entertainment activities. So dont miss this Bali Food Festival at Kuta Karnival 2013.

Come and enjoy an event featuring fun, entertainment, tasty food, beach activities and lots more happening at Kuta Beach, Bali.

(0361) 752397

Nusa Dua Fiesta 2016

Date: 7-11 October 2016 (TBA)
Location: Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) complex, Nusa Dua

The Nusa Dua Fiesta is an annual festival that features a week of arts, culture, sports, music and exhibitions that take place in and around the peninsula in Nusa Dua. The opening day features various art competitions and exhibitions at the beach fronts of the hotels that line the Peninsula. The following days are also filled with diving tours, children`s carnivals, charity gala dinners and various live modern and cultural entertainments for the public. This year`s Fiesta will mark its 17th year running.

Tourism Resort Development.

Bali Tourism Development Corporation
P.O. Box 3, Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 80363
Fax: +62-(0)361-771014
Office: +62-(0)361-771155


The 8th Bali Democracy Forum
Date: November/Desember 2015
Location: Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) complex, Nusa Dua

The Forum in Nusa Dua, Bali, brings together Heads of State and Foreign Ministers from countries across Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific. Last years Bali Democracy Forum attracted delegates from 80 countries and international organizations with 11 heads of state. The forum discusses issues such as promoting synergy between democracy and development in Asia with prospects for regional cooperation.

Makepung Buffalo Races in Bali 2016

Bali Attractions

Makepung is the name of a major grand prix in Jembrana, West Bali, which features racing buffalo races. Hundreds of pairs of buffaloes are teamed up together with their jockeys riding the traditional wooden ploughs that are slightly modified for the competition. 

The racer buffaloes, called kerbau pepadu, compete in various open race circuits in assorted heats around the district of Melaya, leading up to the finals, or what has come to be known as the Jembrana Regent’s Cup, and the Governor’s Cup, held annually.

Makepung is derived from the base word of kepung, meaning ‘chase’, similar to the expression ‘steeplechase’. Makepung is one of the unique traditions stemmed from the agrarian life scene of the island, and is a widely enjoyed event in the regency of Jembrana, west Bali. 

The grand-scale events inspired from such a simple, traditional pastime preserves the unique traditions of this part of the island, as well as to promote tourism to this far flung western location. The competitions also provide positive impact on other local sectors such as agriculture and farming. 

The tradition has partly prevented the shift of land for farming use, and it has also encouraged the people to improve the quality of animal husbandry, raising winning buffaloes for the yearly events. 

There are approximately seven different circuits spread out in various locations throughout the district. The Sangyang Cerik circuit in the village of Tuwed, Melaya district is one of the main circuits. The other dedicated fields-turned-circuits include Delod Berawah, Kaliakah, Pangkung Dalem, Merta Sari, Tuwed and Awen. 

On the eve of the finals, there is a gathering among the racing teams called sekaa makepung with the Jembrana regent, and the evening is as festive as the major racing day that follows, being filled with art performances and public entertainment. 

On race days, international visitors will also be equally amused by the ‘buffalo fashion shows’ that feature the bovines beautifully and carefully dressed up with ornaments from hoof to horn, in another segment of the ‘best-dressed’ competitions.

The Makepung races usually commence early mornings at 07:30 with dozens of pairs of pepadu participating. Another hundred or so take part in the `fashion` parade. The races last for five hours, with the buffaloes divided into three racing divisions. 

The dates for each year’s event vary. However, a rough estimate is that several heats take place monthly from July to November at the various circuit locations. All usually take place over the weekends on a Sunday morning.

The tentative schedule for the 2016 Makepung buffalo races, based on the Jembrana government tourism office`s previous year`s dates are as follows:

1. 12 July: Delod Berawah Circuit

2. 26 July: Tuwed Circuit

3. 9 August: Mertasari Circuit (Bupati Cup)

4. 23 August: Pangkung Dalem Circuit

5. 6 September: Delod Berawah Circuit

6. 20 September: Awen Circuit

7. 4 October: Mertasari Circuit

8. 18 October: Kaliakah Circuit

9. 1 November: Delod Berawah Circuit 

10. 15 November: Tuwed Circuit (Jembrana Cup - FINALS)

The Makepung tradition of Jembrana inspired the creation of a Balinese dance of the same name in 1984. This dance is performed by seven to nine male and female participants, and depicts riders and the buffaloes themselves. One of the unique features of the dance is that it is accompanied by the Jegog bamboo orchestra which is also typical of the regency.