Gianyar Art Villages

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Batuan is the production center of best paintings which take the inspiration from the dynamic and beautiful life of the Balinese people. Along with the development, the stories behind the art creations are getting more various and well developed.


The best sculptors of porous grey volcanic rock usually come from this village. They have skill of making the famous sculptures of the guardians which are used to decorate any buildings with Bali’s traditional architecture. Batubulan is also well known for its wooden antiques and the center of Barong and Rangda show.

Bona & Belega

Bona is recognized for its famous woven clothes in Bali (endek) and handicrafts of lontar leaves. Within minute drive from Bona, Belega Village offers artistic bamboo crafts.


Celuk is characterized with gold and silver handicrafts. Tens of art shops decorate the village’s road, displaying variety of craft products which are partly made by order from many parts in Indonesia and the world.


Mas Village is characterized with best sculptures. The art creations from Mas Village not only expose their divine beauty but also have soul. Besides sculptures, Mas Village is also the center of furniture and the reproduction of antiques.


Singapadu’s people have good talents in dancing and playing gamelan (Bali’s traditional musical instrument). In this village, visitors can visit the best mask makers.


Tegalalang poses as the craft center in Bali. Visitors can find any define and qualified crafts they desire at affordable price at tens of shops that line up on each side of the village road. It has complete craft collection of wooden-based, metal, rock, to brassed metal.