Spiritual Tourism

Thursday, 07 June 2012

It is more than just the nature which makes people visit Bali. The vibration of the great energy in the island has made it the best spiritual tourist destination.Now Bali welcomes more spiritual seekers, healers and those who long for balance in life.
The stable energy flow and holy vibration are developed intentionally since the Balinese people give much attention and respect to the nature, plants, and animals. On each of six month period, the Hindus in Bali hold a special ceremony to show their deep devotion to the plants, which is called Tumpek Uduh, and Tumpek Kandang to show their devotion to animals. Besides the two ceremonies, they still have other holy days to create balance and harmony in the great nature.
The Balinese hold a number of religious ceremonials to mark each successful step in life: birth, childhood, adulthood, marriage till death. One of the famous tourist attractions is Ngaben, the burning of a dead body.
Spiritualist in Bali
Ida Pedanda Gede Made Gunung
Pedanda (the Hindu’s leader) coming from Griya Purnawati, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, is the one of notable spiritual gurus, who are highly respected by Hindu followers in Bali, Indonesia, and even in some countries.
At its green Pasraman, in Blahbatuh Gianyar, he teaches lots of sisya (students) that are eager to learn about the basic life taught in holy book of Weda.
Ida Pedanda Gede Made Gunung is an IHD graduate as he is capable of communicating the philosophy of Hindu’s lessons and how to implement it in daily life.
He also engages himself in routine religious discussions (dharma wacana) to give some motivation and communicate the lessons about life.
Siddhashram Ratu Bagus
Welcoming a better life by tomorrow has been the basic idea of Ashram Ratu Bagus that is led by Siddhashram Ratu Bagus with a focus on bioenergymeditation.
The Ashram highlights its green view over 2.5-ha area at a beautiful location at Muncan Village, Karangasem, and receives daily visit by hundreds of Hindu’s followers that are not only from Bali but also from all other places in the world: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, United States of America and others.
Showing off the dignity of Mount Agung, this Ashram distributes a tranquil atmosphere. It vibrates a holy spirit emerged from a holy land of ashram ratu bagus, which distributes a positive energy to the surrounding nature and human body.
The peace is united in a positive energy, enticing the visitors to come and stay any longer to learn the bioenergy meditation, which may improve physical capacity significantly. By this method, many people get better feeling.
Here is some place of spirit destination you can visit:
    * Ashram Gandhi, Candi dasa, Karangasem
       Telp/Fax: 062-0363-41108
       E-mail : gandhiashram@yahoo.com
      Ashram Bali Gandhi Vidyapith-Denpasar
    * Anand Krishna Center, Kuta, Phone 62-361-847 7490
    * Bali Usada Meditation Center, Sanur, Phone 62-361-289 209
    * Bali-India Foundation, Renon, Phone 62-361-224 299