Ari- Ari Megantung (The tradition of Hanging Placenta)

There are variety of Balinese traditions such as the unique tradition of hanging placenta (ari-ari megantung). This tradition performs the placenta of new born baby which is not planted at the yard. However, it is hung on the special cemetery and the local people call it as the Balinese cemetery of placenta.

This tradition has the age of thousands years located at the Bayung Gede Kintamani village, Bangli. It related to the Yadnya ceremony ( the ritual of giving birth, the marriage until the process of death). This village which the placenta of baby is not buried however, it is hung on the erratic tree. The tree as the place of hanging the placenta is called the wooden tree of Bungkak, it is maintained properly in the Balinese cemetery of placenta, Bayung Gede Village.

The placenta of baby is only permitted towards the cemetery when the dawn or sunset. It is very prohibited to carry the placenta when the bright sun. Before carrying the placenta to the cemetery, it is washed cleanly, then the placenta is put into a coconut shell and is tied by the certain rope called as salang tabu. A father can carry the placenta to the tomb by left hand, while, the right hand takes sickle. By using a hook then, the branch of Bungkak wooden tree is cut off, it is used as a place of coconut shell hanger that hold the placenta.

Location : Bayung Gede Village, District of Kintamani, Bangli Regency