The traditional Balinese ceremonies, which are part of the culture and traditions in Bali, all the people who participated mingled in the ceremony include the Ngusaba Guling Ceremony. The Ngusaba Guling tradition is celebrated once a year in the 420-day Hindu calendar, at Sukra Pon sasih Kawulu. Almost every local people offer a pig roll, although it is not compulsory. The local people who less fortunate could offer  a duck roll including the other ceremonial equipment (banten). The purpose of this ceremony is held to appeal to the god ( Ida Sang hyang Widi Wasa ) in its manifestation as Goddess of Durga (Ida Batari Durga) to be given the welfare and safety of local people as well as thanking for the gift bestowed.

We can also find the tradition of ngejot in the village of Timbrah, which gives the results of bolt offerings with a sense of sincerity to those who less fortunate, this togetherness is maintained properly and has lasted a long time, therefore, the social relations of the community are preserved well.

Location : Timbrah Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency