Barong Brutuk is a traditional art of heritage which still preserve until now in the village of Trunyan, Kintamani. As the culture and tradition which is possessed by the inhabitant of Trunyan village, this place becomes the unique tourist destination. In addition, the Trunyan village has  an ancient art known as Barong Brutuk even the ancient art is predicated has existed previous coming in effect of Hindu to Bali.

It is not all of people recognize the ancient art of Barong Brutuk which is inherited from generation to generation by ancestor of local people. Barong Brutuk is very ancient dance of barong and only exist in the village of Trunyan from hundreds years ago inhabited by the original of Balinese people. This dance describes the life of ancestors in the old time.

In fact, the island of Bali is not only offering the beautiful nature of tourist objects, however, its culture and tradition in some places can be the main attraction. Bali is actually rich due to the culture and tradition, therefore, it becomes the central attraction for foreigners who spending time to the island of Gods of Bali.

Location : Trunyan Village, District of Kintamani, Bangli Regency