Desa Wisata Selumbung

Desa Wisata Selumbung:

The story occurred in Karangasem Kingdom of Bali, during the 16th century. At that moment, the Mount Lempuyang was still named Adri Karang.

Once upon a time, an Ida Petapa (a holy man) received an apocalypse from Gods in his retreat. It said he had to bring some water northeast from his hermitage (now called Pura Tirta) towards Adri Karang. Ida Petapa only used a piece of Kumbang leaf to contain the water.

It was a very long journey and Ida Petapa had to cross difficult paths. He encountered a hill and started to climb it. Just a few hundred steps climbing, his feet slipped and he spilled the holy water contained in the leaf. The water flowed to the river beneath, and the holy man said at once:

“Whoever uses the water from the river flowing beneath, he/she will get the same benefits of holy water from Pura Tirta. When they consume it, the water will bring health. When bathing in it, the water will clean up and bring peace to mind.”

Ida Petapa assigned the monkeys to be the guardians, watching over the region. To remember the place, the holy man gave it a name “Toya Labuh”, which is today known as “Yeh Labuh”.

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