Bali Lovina Beach is one of the famous tourist places in north part of Bali which own beautiful of calm sea water, blackish chromatic sand and the sea with its dolphin. One of the favorite fascinations in Lovina is dolphin watching tour. Hundreds of dolphins can be seen in the morning time around 1 km offshore, lot of habitat dolphin inside of the sea, and best time to see dolphin is in early morning. We can see the dolphin attractions in this place like jumping.  It is not fail to draw if the tourist has the time to see the sunset here.

Lovina area is also supported by the number of tourism fascination which is can be reached from this location. Places of interests around Lovina are Hot Water Banjar, Wihara Budha (Buddies shrine), Gigit Waterfall and some countryside exist around the location.

Location: Kalibubuk Village , Buleleng Regency