Some Important Points on the Opening of Bali Tourism

  1. The Indonesian Government together with the Bali Provincial Government have decided to open International tourists, on good day according to local Balinese Wisdom, Thursday (Wraspati Pon, Wariga), October 14, 2021
  2. Countries allowed to enter Bali, they are with : low Covid-19 risk at level 1 and level 2; positive rate less than 5% ( according to WHO standards); and implement an equal policy (the principle of reciprocal).
  3. It was decided that there are 19 countries allowed to enter Bali, namely: 1) Saudi Arabia, 2) United Arab Emirates, 3) New Zealand, 4) Kuwait, 5)Bahrain, 6)Qatar, 7) China, 8)India, 9) Japan, 10 ) South Korea, 11)Liechtenstein, 12) Italy, 13) France, 14) Portugal , 15)Spain, 16)Sweden, 17) Poland, 18)Hungary, 19) Norway
  4. Requirements of entering Bali, they are: complete vaccination (2 injections), negative result of SWAB PCR Test, three days before leaving for Bali; fill out the International e-HAC Application which is integrated with the Pedulilindungi Application and the Love Bali Application; and have health insurance with a minimum coverage value of USD 100.000 which include financing for treatment of Covid-19
  5. Requirements in arrival at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport: showing the completed documents according to form in e-HAC Application ; immigration documents; and PCR Swab test. While waiting for the results of the PCR Swab Test, tourists are recommended to stay in a zone that has been determined by The Airport Authority, not allowed to leave before the PCR test result released.
  6. If the results are positive (no symptoms, mild, moderate and severe symptoms), tourists will be evacuated to a hospital that has been determined by the Bali Provincial Government to undergo treatment or isolation. If the results are negative, tourists will be transferred to a hotel that has been determined by the Bali Provincial Government to undergo quarantine days.
  7. While undergoing the quarantine, tourists can only do activities in the area of Hotel. On the fourth day, tourists undergo Swab PCR test. If the result is positive (without symptom, mild, medium and severe symptom), tourists will be transferred to the designated hospital by the government of Bali Province for undergoing treatment or isolation. If the negative result, the tourists can move toward hotel and do activities to the tourist destination.
  8. The Government of Bali Province had determined 35 hotels for quarantine and lodging for tourists who have CHSE Standard Certificate.
  9. While tourists are in Bali, they obligate to follow the health protocol of Covid-19 and laws and regulations in an orderly and disciplined.
  10. The expense of Swab PCR Test, isolation or hospital treatment and quarantine in the hotel become tourist responsibility.
  11. Tourists obligate to use transportation which is determined by hotel with CHSE standard requirement.
  12. The provision which govern tourists relate to the departure requirement, immigration, arrival, quarantine and activities during travelling in Bali are governed by the circular letter of Covid-19 task force number 20 of 2021 and Ministerial Decree of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia number M.HH-03.GR.01,05 of 2021, as well as Covid-19 health protocols of Bali Province.
  13. During tourists do travelling and are in Bali, they obligate to uphold Balinese culture values, behave orderly and disciplined as well as respecting and obeying the laws and regulations. The government of Bali will take firm action against violation which is conducted by every tourist.
  14. I am as Governor together with IX/Udayana Military Commander and Bali Regional Police Chief and personnel as well as the regent or mayor of Bali will implement PPKM with Covid-19 health protocol strictly therefore, pandemic of Covid-19 in Bali still be managed properly for preventing the enhancement of Covid-9 new cases.
  15. Appealing all related parties and Balinese people to orderly and disciplined in implementing the circular letter of Governor of Bali Number 18 of 2021 including:
  • Obeying and conducting health protocols and implementing healthy lifestyle as well as Covid-19-free lifestyle with 6 M: Wearing standard masks correctly, Washing hands, Keeping distance, Reducing travel, Boosting immunity, and Obeying the rules
  • Use the PeduliLindungi application consistently in every activity that is prone to crowds and confined spaces.
  • For Krama Bali who have not participated in the 1st or 2nd injection vaccination, especially the elderly, comorbid, and disable, to immediately follow the vaccination in their respective areas to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.
  • For Krama Bali who has close contact with inhabitant who are confirmed positive, they should take the initiative and be willing to follow the Tracing carried out by TNI and POLRI officials.
  • For Krama Bali who experience early symptoms (fever, cold, cough, stuffy, loss of sense of smell and taste) to immediately carry out PCR-based Swab testing.
  • For tourists who are confirmed positive for Covid-19 without symptoms and mild symptoms, they must immediately take the initiative to carry out centralized isolation that has been prepared by the Provincial/Regency/City Government, are prohibited from self-isolation at home, so as not to infect their families. For those who are confirmed positive for Covid-19 with medium and severe symptoms immediately go to the Referral Hospital in their respective areas to avoid worsening conditions and endanger themselves.
  • I need to convey that many new cases arise because they have not been vaccinated, many deaths occur because inhabitants are late for PCR Swab testing, they have just entered the hospital in a severe condition so as, it is very dangerous for their lives, even they cannot be saved when undergoing treatment at the hospital. Therefore, I remind to take care of yourself orderly and disciplined, take care of your family, take care of your friends, take care of the community, and protect Bali, so as to avoid the risk of Covid-19 transmission, hopefully all of Krama Bali are tranquil.

16. By implementing the health protocols of Covid -19 and joint effort orderly and disciplined, we hope Pandemic of Covid-19 can be managed correctly for avoiding the enhancement of new cases in Bali therefore, it will give national and international public trust about handling of Covid-19 in Bali. It is an important thing for making domestic and international tourists are comfort and safety to visit Bali.

17. Everything that I convey is a direct instruction from the President of Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ir. H. Joko Widodo on October, 8, 2021 for Governor, the Head of Bali Regional People Representative Council (DPRD), IX/Udayana Military Commander, Bali Regional Police Chief, Bali High Prosecutor (kajati), Bali high court as well as the regent/mayor of Bali, the Head of Regency/City Regional People Representative Council (DPRD), Dandim, the Police Chief, Bali District Prosecutor which concern on handling of Covid-19 correctly so as the opening of International Tourists do not give an impact of Covid-9 new case cluster in Bali

18. Hopefully, we jointly with the full of awareness and responsibility: the tourism activity can take place, however, it can control the pandemic of Covid-19 so as tourism and Bali’s financial shortly recovery and revive. I pursue Krama Bali to continuously effort and pray together so as all things which becomes our hope can run smoothly, comfort, safety, peace and success. Tranquil.