Verified Destination

Intricate of Klungkung Kingdom was established in 1686 by the first holder of power namely Ida I Dewa AgungLambe, however, almost the whole building of Klungkung Kingdom had destroyed because Dutch colonial invasion in 1908.

There were three buildings from intricate of Klungkung Kingdom still remained and did not wreck in the era of Dutch colonial invasion. All of them include:

  • The building of Medal Agung( main entrance gate of Klungkung Kingdom )
  • Bale Kambang( the building is surrounded by a pond called as Gili Park )
  • Building/ Bale KerthaGosa

Bale KerthaGosawas indirectly established coincide with construction of Klungkung kingdom. However, Bale KerthaGosawas established at the end of 18th century and located at the Northeast tip of Klungkung Kingdom area.

In the past era, the function of Bale KerthaGosawas a place of discussion about security, justice and prosperity situation of Bali Kingdom territory as well as court place in Bali.

Location : Semarapura Kelod, Klungkung Sub-district, Klungkung Regency