Circular Letter of Governor of Bali on the Cancelation of the 42th Bali Arts Festival


                                                                                                 Bali, 31st March 2020

Number : 430/3287/Sekret/DISBUD The honorable
Subject : The announcement on the cancelation of the 42nd Bali Arts Festival Regents / Mayor throughout Bali

Considering the following things:

  1. President instruction on the focusing on prevention and management of COVID-19 disaster handled by Central and Local Government;
  2. The data spread of COVID-19 in all over the countries including Indonesia is more increasing, even though the countries have taken serious steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through some regulation such as social/physical distancing until unlimited time;
  3. The end of this pandemic is unpredictable, it causes physiological uncomfortable for the society.
  4. The 42nd Bali Arts Festival that will be conducting in 13 June to 11 July 2020, is too close with the end of National Emergency Response period on the COVID-19 spread that will be in 29th may 2020;
  5. In connection with these conditions above, all preparation for the 42nd Bali Arts Festival 2020 is deemed not optimal; and
  6. The advice from Regents / Mayor throughout Bali that agreed to cancel the 2020 42nd Bali Arts Festival.

Based on the considerations above, the 42nd Bali Arts Festival in 2020 is canceled.

Thus the announcement. Thank you for your kindly attention.

                                                                                                GOVERNOR OF BALI

                                                                                                WAYAN KOSTER